Welcome To

Old Snowmass

A peaceful retreat that pairs a remote location with a private lifestyle.

Welcome to Old Snowmass

A peaceful retreat that pairs a remote location with a private lifestyle

Old Snowmass is a lovely crossroads tucked into the northwest corner of Aspen. This quiet community is best known for its large ranches, which offer residents plenty of privacy and independence, and its natural beauty. From the sunset hues, the horses wandering about the fields, and the long stretches of dirt roads that stretch out to the mountains and alongside the rapids of the Snowmass Creek, this picturesque community might just be heaven on earth. 
Old Snowmass is no stranger to rolling hills with breathtaking, cabin-inspired manors settled neatly at the top, soaking in the surrounding views. The area has a long tradition of farming, ranching, and livestock ranging, and the residents here are both familiar with and content to spend days not seeing another soul except for family and cattle. The expanse of alpine vistas that stretch across the open land means hay production, cattle rearing, and plenty of land for livestock to graze, children to play, and souls to heal.

What to Love

  • Breathtaking views
  • Quiet and peaceful properties
  • Backcountry Trails to Capitol Creek and Snowmass Lake
  • Tranquil and serene lifestyle

Local Lifestyle

The residents of Old Snowmass find its serene views, wide-open space, and solitude to be a major part of its charm. Locals lead a sporting lifestyle, no matter the season, and they’re often the types who aren’t afraid to get their hands a little dirty. Because Old Snowmass is a hidden gem, its community is small and much closer than those residing in a bustling suburb, as you will likely be seeing the same people every other day unless you decide to venture a few miles to the world-renowned Snowmass Ski Resort, settled in between Aspen and Basalt. 
The remote lifestyle begins to feel like meditation after a while, and locals may tell the time based on the location of the wildlife moving through the Elk Mountains. While these homes are typically more remote than others in the area, they offer abundant space to entertain guests, hold family reunions, or maybe host a wedding for a friend. You’ll love this story-book setting in the mountains. 
Ride your horse to the nearest neighbor with a batch of home-brewed beer and reminisce on a day spent hiking and cycling across backcountry trails, and you’ll see why this town is a dream come true.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Old Snowmass’ best-kept secret is surely the Old Snowmass Market. This unique shop offers craft ice cream with local flavors, locally-made snacks, and artisan cheese and preserved meats. Stop in for freshly made deli sandwiches, a thriving taco bar, imported espresso, and just about anything else you can imagine. Old Snowmass Market has everything - and everything is of incredible quality. It’s also a convenient stop to gas up the 4x4 before heading up the mountain. 
There are times when you may need a different kind of peace that the mountainside can’t quite provide. For those times, there’s St. Benedict’s Monastery. Ponder your days while browsing the Monastery Bookstore, and indulge in the peaceful mountainside while feeling at ease alongside the monks of Snowmass. Deepen your spiritual practices and leave your worldly possessions behind for a brief time and take refuge at the Retreat House, or simply indulge in history and grow spiritually in a place of true calm.

Things to Do 

If Old Snowmass gives you big country vibes, you’re right on track. The Snowmass Rodeo may be closer to Aspen, but it retains the historic ranching charm that Old Snowmass personifies. The rodeo holds traditional events, like bull-riding, team roping, and a colorful display of the western way. 
In the summer, there are plenty of outdoor activities in Old Snowmass. Access to mountain trails for horseback riding, hiking, four-wheeling, and biking are plentiful amongst the rushing creeks and jutting mountain peaks. The views of rivers and creeks in Old Snowmass become something out of a painting in the fall and winter months - providing solitude and views to create art, write, and be at peace with the universe.


Because of the solitary life in Old Snowmass, there aren’t many schools around. However, there is plenty of access to the award-winning schools of the Basalt area just a stone’s throw away.
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