One Of My Favorite Things About Real Estate

One Of My Favorite Things About Real Estate

I know this picture doesn't seem like anything special.  It's a river with some trees.  "So what?" you say.  I say that this has long been my favorite property.  It's located in Woody Creek and we drive by it all the time and I bet I've said "if I come into some money I'm going to knock on their door and ask what it'll take to buy it" at least 100 times.  Well, as I was driving by on the way to load up on hay for the horses, I saw a "for sale" sign.  I couldn't believe it.  I immediately called the listing broker and they said "come on by".  I whipped in there so fast the stack of hay nearly flew off into the river!  I expected a lot because I've just been so enamored but deep in my heart-of-hearts I figured the house would be in REALLY rough shape.  I was pleasantly surprised to see it was a 1969 house but had clearly been maintained like it deserved.  The land was even better than I was expecting: beautiful grounds and grass and the proximity to the riverbank was even closer than I thought.  If I wasn't in real estate I probably don't call them and probably don't get to step foot on my dream property which, no doubt, will sell much sooner rather than later.  

I would love to sell this to one of our clients so I could go by and occasionally check it out.  I've sent videos to everyone who might be interested, maybe I'll get lucky!  Either way, someone will end up with a very special piece of property in Woody Creek, Colorado and they won't regret it one bit.

If you would like to see it, just give us a call.  Nothing would please me more than to go look at it again. 


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